When we will ever learn?


Hi everyone.  I have been away for some days from here, honestly is not easy to maintain a fluid content blog flying 100+ hrs. per month, but in gratitude and consideration to my readers and visitors, I will try to do my best.

Today, in my hotel room, on a layover out of my home base, I was thinking on the crash of a Lao Airlines ATR 72 that happened in Laos 6 days ago.  The accident happened in poor weather conditions during a missed approach, still causes are unknown and rescue tasks are very difficult due to the nature of the Mekong River. 

I have seen these guys with the ATR many times in Chiang Mai, Lao Airlines has a scheduled service between Laos and Thailand.

I was flying on the area that day too and weather was very bad, with intense rain, turbulence, icing conditions and Cb’s.  There was a big storm affecting an extensive   area of Southeast Asia.

Every year the monsoon season takes its quote of aviation accidents in this area, flying conditions are extremely difficult.  I must admit that I feel respect for Asian pilots because for me was it not easy to adapt to fly with this kind of weather.

For those that don’t know this area of Asia.  Why do we fly with this kind of weather?  – We fly with adverse weather conditions because if we sit waiting for improved conditions, maybe we can sit all day doing so, even weeks.  Airlines and operators have learnt that if you choose to delay your flight, your passengers will go to the next counter and if that airline departs, they will never return to you.  Pilots know that too and have assumed the “measured risks” of flying under these conditions, but the edge is sharp and any mistake can result in an accident.

Capt. Ivan

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