Tony Phillippi’s Howard 500 – Video

This is a fantastic video given to us by the incomparable Tony Phillippi. His company, TPAero, owns both of the only remaining flying examples of the Howard 500. Tony has been a great friend to the Fagens and a tremendous asset to the Fagen Fighters WWII Museum. His contributions include the Jeep used during the D-Day Invasion General Omar Bradley, fine art, and other rare items.

Here is an excerpt from Tony’s comments on TPAero’s website: “In the 1950s, Dee Howard, and his legendary mechanic, Ed Swearingen, pioneered executive transportation with their conversions of military bombers. Seeking the ultimate in radial engine pressurized business transport, Dee relentlessly pushed his crown jewel, the Howard 500, to production. The Howard 500 was put into service in 1963. It was the last radial engine passenger transport built. Dee built 17 Howard 500s for a select Who’s Who of industry and entertainment. Today, pilot after pilot, mechanic after mechanic, approaches and walks around N500HP with reverence and respect.”

Over the years, owners have loved the plane because of its comfortable, spacious cabin and the magic of its departures and arrivals that impassion once again, the aviation industry.

This plane is part of aviation’s romantic past and best times, deservedly receiving Grand Champion before more than 1 million people at Oshkosh in 1997. When she arrives and departs, those who love aviation gather for the joy of the moment. It is a privilege and an honor to have cared for this magnificent airplane.”

– Tony Phillippi

You can see more about this incredible aircraft at

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