There are no simple solutions, only intelligent choices

Is never easy to talk about human relationships, I’m not a psychologist also.  I just want to talk today about dreams and achievements.

I remember sometime ago, I was in the flight deck and the flight attendant comes and says: – Ivan, there’s a passenger wants to see the cockpit and take some pics. I agreed and she moved back to let pass a mid 50’s man, a very kind and pleasant individual.  He looked excited to be in our “office”, made lots of questions and took many pictures.  Before leaving he said:  – I always dreamed to be a pilot…

It made sound egoist from my part, but then I thought:   “if you dreamed about it, why you did not follow your dream”?  I have heard countless stories of kids that at a certain point they failed to follow their dream.  Except that you have a medical reason that does not allow you to be a pilot, there’s nothing that can stop you to pursue a career as pilot.  If you look outside there, among those guys wearing uniforms with golden or silver stripes, you’ll be surprised that for many of them was not easy to be where they are now.  Either if you have a military aviation background or if you started taking flying lessons at yours village’s small flying club, aviation career has never been easy and I can tell you from my own experience, the more harder to achieve it, the more you will enjoy it when you get there.

Life is a matter of options, nothing is free, and we always have to relinquish to something / someone to achieve our goals.  Sometimes that “something” can be certain pleasures other friends beside you can have and you cannot because you need to study or save money to pay for your flying lessons or academy.  Can even be a person, a girlfriend, or boyfriend that is in conflict with our goals.  Important is to have clear where we want to go and what are we willing to sacrifice to land at our final destination.

All that you’ve read until here may sound very simple and obvious, but are simple and obvious matters those that sometime create a conflict in our way to success.  Either if you are a student starting your career path in aviation, a young pilot flying for a small operator or a career stalled pilot, point to your destination and ask, yes, ask for help.  Don’t take for granted that everybody will know what you want in life.  There are lots of people in aviation willing to help others.  Your helping hand maybe sitting right beside you…

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