The Crazy Things People Sell on eBay: Concorde Disaster


Some people paint flowers and happy sceneries, while others like to paint disaster scenes. That seems to be the case with this artist who wants to sell an airplane crash scene on eBay.

On July 25 2000, 113 people died when Air France’s Concorde jet bound for New York crashed in France.

The scene was then described as a “huge fireball” as the plane crashed and that’s exactly how the artist portrayed it in its painting, as Anorak points out.

Other than the horrific scene that it depicts, the painting is done in pastels.

The seller wants £30.00 ($46/€35) for the A3 sized painting.

The question, however, remains. Who would want to have such a scene set on their wall? It’s also a bit insensitive towards the victims of the crash, if you ask me.

Source:  Softpedia – Twitter: @GabrielaVatu

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