Tecnam offers low-cost time-building program – Leasing program also available

Tecnam North America is offering two new programs only for the U.S. market designed to make flying more affordable using the Tecnam P92 Echo Classic Light.

From $59 per hour plus fuel, participants will be given exclusive use of a Tecnam P92 Echo Classic Light equipped with radio, transponder, glass panel PFD, iPad Mini, GPS, and ADS-B weather and traffic for a specified period of time (six weeks per 100 hours purchased). Fly coast to coast, visit the Florida Keys, share the time with a friend, build time toward the commercial rating, or just have fun! The program will be rolled out nationwide over the next year but will start with aircraft pick-up and drop off in Richmond, Va., and Winter Haven, Fla.

Tecnam is also offering a fixed price, five-year lease on a new Echo Classic Light. Pricing starts at $15,000 down and $499 per month, plus $15 per hour for reserves. At the end of five years the user can return the aircraft and the lease terminates, continue the lease under the same terms, or start a new lease with a brand new aircraft. The user is responsible for all operating costs of the aircraft but there are no limits on the number of permissible hours. Other configurations will also be available.

A unique feature is included for seniors more than 65 years old at the time of sign up. If the senior becomes permanently incapacitated for any reason, the lease may be terminated on 30 days notice with no further liability on the part of the user other than to return the aircraft in good condition to the owner.

Contact Tecnam with specific questions, or sign up in person at the Sun ’n Fun International Fly-In & Expo (Booth MD29-B).

Photo courtesy of Tecnam North America

Photo courtesy of Tecnam North America






Source:  AOPA News

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