UPS Airbus 300-600 Crashes at Birmigham – AL

A United Parcel Service – UPS, Airbus A300-600, from Louisville,KY to Birmingham,AL (USA) with 2 crew, was on approach to Birmingham’s runway 18 at 04:51L (09:51Z) but touched down near the intersection Airport Road/Tarrant Huffman Road about 1nm short of the runway in open terrain and burst into flames leaving a trail of debris of about half a mile. Both pilots died on the accident.

The FAA confirmed a UPS cargo aircraft crashed at Birmingham Airport and confirmed death of the two crew members.

Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport reported a UPS Cargo Airbus A300 went down just outside the airport perimeter fence, the Mayor of Birmingham said, that both crew perished in the crash.

The NTSB have dispatched a go-team to Birmingham,AL.

UPS Airbus 300-600 Accident (5)UPS_birminghamA300Fcrash_NTSB

UPS Airbus 300-600 Accident (1)UPS Airbus 300-600 Accident (2)UPS Airbus 300-600 Accident (3)

Source: The Aviation Herald
Photos: AP/Hal Yeager – K.A. Turner – Graphics: AVH/Google Earth –

City of Birmingham/April Odom

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