Le Bourget 2013: Day five highlights

The Paris Air Show continued on its fifth day with another high-profile Airbus presence. This compilation video spotlights the A350 XWB’s dazzling Le Bourget fly-by, Airbus and EADS’ flash graffiti event to celebrate recruitment efforts, a visit by French President François Hollande and more

Boeing, Airbus Receive Massive Orders at Air Show – WSJ Video

The Paris Air Show is ending with Boeing and Airbus clocking up orders of nearly $140 billion, suggesting that the commercial aircraft industry is in good health. Matthew Curtin says that the only real loser at the show was Canada’s Bombardier.


Unique Sukhoi Su-35 ‘UFO’ fighter rocks Paris Air Show – Video

Russia’s Sukhoi has rocked the 50th Paris Air Show at Le Bourget with the premiere of its cutting-edge Su-35 fighter. Super-maneuverable even for a Sukhoi, the Su-35 has been dubbed the “UFO” for its outstanding maneuverability. New engines enable Su-35 to perform all kinds of stunts, including Pugachev’s Cobra, the Frolov Chakra, the Dead Leaf, and the unprecedented Pancake, which is an horizontal 360-degree made turn without losing speed.

In Pictures – Paris Air Show 2013

The 50th edition of the Paris Air Show kicked off with a bang on Monday, but rather than the rumbling of huge jet engines the din came courtesy of thunderstorms and torrential rain. Thankfully the dark skies cleared quickly and despite more bursts of wet weather throughout the week, there has been plenty of blue sky to provide a backdrop for the daily aerial displays. Here’s a tour of Gizmag at the highlights from Le Bourget airfield, both on the ground and in the air. 

Flying high at the 50th Le Bourget Air Show 2013

Despite the economic crisis savaging Europe, the aviation industry appears in full health. The 50th edition of the Bourget Air show in Paris is drawing record punters and there have been announcements of new contract airliners every day.

Source:  Euronews.com

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