German Tornado Fighter Pilot Rescued from a Tree

A German fighter pilot had to be rescued from tree branches after he was forced to parachute to safety just seconds before his Tornado jet crashed.

The German army fighter plane crashed in a wooded area near Koblenz, western Germany last night shortly after taking off from a nearby air base.

The pilot and co-pilot ejected from the jet before the crash during a training exercise.

But one of them landed in a tree and was left hanging there until police, army and firefighting personnel quickly rushed to the hilly region some 50 kilometres west of Koblenz.

Both pilots were slightly injured, but did not need hospital treatment.

‘We need light to see the full extent of it,’ he said.

A spokesman for the airforce said: ‘I’ve spoken with both pilots. They are doing fine.’

A spokesman for the German army said on Friday morning that experts were now investigating the cause of the crash. 

Source:  Daily Mail

Photo: Reuters

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