E- Aircrafts, The Future of General Aviation?

With the raising costs of fuel and in an effort to reduce carbon emissions produced by air travel, a combined project between the European agency EADS, Siemens and Diamond Aircraft is providing an answer in what will be the future electric airplane.

The group has developed two training aircraft in cooperation with Aero Composites Saintonge – ACS the E-Fan and the E-Star 2.

The E-Fan is a two seat training aircraft made entirely of composite materials, has a length of 6,7 mts, a wingspan of 9,5 mts. and a max takeoff weight of 1220 lbs.


An interesting concept of the E-Fan is the use of an additional rear-wheel drive that allows the airplane to taxi without using the main engines and to accelerate up to 38MPH during takeoff.

An important limitation of the E-Fan to be solved in the future is the reduced time able to stay in flight with full charged batteries, only 45-60 min.

E-Fan Specifications:
– Type: Training Aircraft
– First Flight: 11 MAR 2014
– Engines: (2) Electric Turbines of 1,5 KN.
– Length: 6,7 mts.
– Wingspan: 9,5 mts.
– Seats: 2
– Power Source: 2 (Li-Po) Lithium Polymer Batteries
– Max Takeoff Weight: 550 kgs. – 1220 lbs.
– Max Cruise Speed: 137 MPH
– Endurance: 60 min.

The Diamond DA36 E-Star is a hybrid electric motor glider resulting from the evolution of the DA HK36 Super Dimona.

The DA36 E-Star is powered by a 70KW electric motor which receives electricity from a generator operated by a small Wankel engine, as an additional source of power, the airplane relies on a battery to provide extra power for takeoff and climb.

Fliegen mit Siemens Integrated Drive System / Flying with Siemens Integrated Drive System

Diamond DA36 E-Star Specifications:

– Type: Motor Glider
– First Flight: 8 JUN 2014
– Engine: Siemens 70KW (94HP) – Primary Source.
– Wingspan: 16 mts.
– Seats: 2
– Power Source: 40HP Austro Engines Wankel – Secondary Source.
– Max Takeoff Weight: 770 kgs. – 1698 lbs.
– Max Cruise Speed: 171 MPH
– Max Glide Ratio: 27:1 at 65 MPH


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