Real airlines with weird names

IT might be touch and go flying in a Bra and we all know TAP. But you will be surprised by the airline we think has the weirdest name of all. has pulled together a list of the weirdest airline names ever. These airlines are real. Many of them have gone bust. Maybe they should have thought a little bit more about their branding. 


Here’s our best of the worst. 


Sign in to My Wizz and you can book Wizz Air...

Sign in to My Wizz and you can book Wizz Air…

The weirdest airline name we could find was WizzAir. On the online booking website you can choose “My Wizz”. WizzAir is actually still operating – and doing well. The low cost airline has the largest aircraft fleet of all the Hungarian airlines. 


Taiwan’s U-Land airlines was the first low-cost airline company in Asia. Sadly it is no longer. Maybe it should have been called U-fly. 


BRA airlines has nothing to do with women’s lingerie. It actually stands for Brasil Rodo Aéreo. It too has gone bust but did once offer domestic and international scheduled services, as well as charter flights. It was the third largest airline in Brazil with 4.19 per cent of the domestic Brazilian in August 2006.


Like Bra, TAP in Portugal should not be taken at face value. It has nothing to do with a water tap. It actually stands for  Transportes Aéreos Portugueses. TAP’s route network comprises 80 destinations in 36 countries worldwide.


Ransome Airlines. Yes that’s right. This was a US regional airline with headquarters near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Enough said. 


Touch and Go airlines was a Russian charter airline operating Tu-154s and Tu-134. They are now defunct but we are reliably informed they did once fly to European resorts such as Cyprus and Greece. But we guess business was a bit touch and go. 


Bonanza airlines is an oldie but a goodie. Bonanza was an international and domestic regional airline that operated from 1945 to 1968, with routes in the Western United States and Mexico. Funnily enough its headquarters were in Las Vegas. Maybe that explains the name. 


Iran air. OK so it’s not that weird. But planes don’t run. They fly. 


Do you know any other weird airline names?  Tell us more below. 


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