Safety Videos

base to final thumbnailTakeoffs and Landings – Base to Final Turn

How trying to get back to final after overshooting the base-to-final turn can result in a serious accident.



Stabilized approach CopyStill001Takeoffs and Landings – Stabilized Approaches

A good landing is the result of a planned, well flown approach.




crosswindsTakeoffs and Landings – Crosswind Landings

You can study every technique of crosswind landing, but only practice will give you the skill to proper manage a crosswind approach and landing.



abortpointthumbTakeoffs and Landings – Determining an Abort Point.

Takeoff is one of the highest risk phases of flight, if progress does not go as planned, knowing when to abort it is vital.



normaltothumbTakeoffs and Landings – Normal Takeoffs

A “normal takeoff” is the maneuver pilots use for the majority of their departures, being a critical maneuver, often does not get the necessary attention it deserves.



shortfieldthumbTakeoffs and Landings – Short Field Landings

While performance tables help us in determining our landing distance, is important to know the techniques and why do we apply them.



Ice PicFlying the Weather – Picking Up Ice

Early detection is critical when entering icing conditions, in this video Tom Home explain us what to look for and where.

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