MH370 Pilot Depressurized the Cabin to Kill Himself, Claims Kiwi Airlines Boss

The pilot of the missing MH370 flight killed himself and his passengers by switching off the oxygen supply in what is the sixth example of such a suicide, according to an aviation expert. Ewan Wilson, head of Kiwi Airlines, believes Zaharie Ahmad Shah planned mass murder – locking his co-pilot … Continue reading

They’ve arrived stateside! Inside a plane loaded with 195,000 new iPhones!

A pilot released a picture of the mounds of coveted electronics he says he flew into Anchorage, Alaska on MondayA A pilot released a picture of the mounds of coveted electronics he says he flew into Anchorage, Alaska on Monday The iPhone 6 won’t be in the hands of consumers … Continue reading

Russian airlines hire 200 foreign pilots

The appointments were made possible thanks to a recent change in the rules. Analysts believe this decision will allow airlines to cut spending on training pilots, who have not accumulated the required amount of flight hours. Major Russian airlines have taken advantage of a change in legislation to hire 200 … Continue reading

Jet Airways Pilots Launch Their Own Website for Incident Analysis

Criticizing sections of the media for misreporting on a recent incident involving loss of altitude by a plane, the pilot’s union of Jet Airways today said it is forming a “technical site” to provide the right perspective on civil aviation issues. The National Aviation Guild (NAG), the Jet pilots’ union, … Continue reading

Richard Branson: Russia Would Suffer Most From Closing Airspace to Western Airlines

Russia would be the biggest loser if it carried out a threat to ban Western airlines from flying over its territory, Richard Branson, the founder of British airline Virgin Atlantic, said. “It would cost us quite a lot of money but it would actually cost Russia more money. They charge … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Beluga!

With its maiden flight on September 13, 1994, the popular Beluga cargo aircraft, affectionately named after the white whale because of its remarkable shape, is celebrating this week twenty years of transporting Airbus component parts between Airbus’ European manufacturing sites. Since 1995, the fleet of five Beluga aircraft replaced the … Continue reading

Too Tired, Even for a Cessna…

The pilot, a senior airline captain, had recently purchased a Cessna 172 and was flying it home. Flying under VFR at night, he switched with an approach controller about 52 NM from the destination airport. After a while, the air traffic controller noticed the airplane was descending below the asigned … Continue reading

Think ink: Airbus revolutionises how an airline’s livery is applied to jetliners

The application of complex, large-scale liveries on aircraft presents a considerable challenge – particularly as airlines develop increasingly artistic and complex ways to express their identities. However, the difficulties may become a thing of the past thanks to a new method currently being developed by Airbus – which employs direct … Continue reading

Boeing Responds to Al Jazeera English Documentary on 787

Boeing issued the following statement prior to the airing of the television program on Al Jazeera English. The company will not be providing any further comment. We have not been afforded the opportunity to view the full program, but the promotional trailer and published media reviews suggest that what has … Continue reading

Boeing 787 – Broken Dreams?

Exclusive: Safety concerns dog Boeing 787 Al Jazeera Investigative Unit finds some workers with quality concerns, alleging drug use and fearing to fly the plane. Al Jazeera has found that some Boeing workers have serious concerns about the safety of the 787 “Dreamliner” aircraft. In a new documentary, Broken Dreams: … Continue reading

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