NTSB: Southwest B737, landed nose gear first

According to witness and video evidence, the NTSB has determined that Southwest flight 345, a Boeing 737-700 which nose gear collapsed on landing at La Guardia airport on July 22nd, made contact with the runway “nose gear first”.

NTSB Statement:

“The National Transportation Safety Board today released factual information from the July 22 accident involving a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 landing at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. The airplane’s front landing gear collapsed on landing”

  • Evidence from video and other sources is consistent with the nose-gear making contact with the runway before the main landing gear.


  • The flight data recorder on the airplane recorded 1,000 parameters and contained approximately 27 hours of recorded data, including the entire flight from Nashville to New York.


  • The cockpit voice recorder contains a two-hour recording of excellent quality that captures the entire flight from Nashville to New York and the accident landing sequence.


  • Flaps were set from 30 to 40 degrees about 56 seconds prior to touchdown.


  • Altitude was about 32 feet, airspeed was about 134 knots, and pitch attitude was about 2 degrees nose-up approximately 4 seconds prior touchdown.


  • At touchdown, the airspeed was approximately 133 knots and the aircraft was pitched down approximately 3 degrees.


  • After touchdown, the aircraft came to a stop within approximately 19 seconds.


  • A cockpit voice recorder group will convene tomorrow at NTSB laboratories in Washington to transcribe the relevant portion of the accident flight.

Southwest Airlines Flight 345Southwest Airlines Flight 345 - Electronics Bay

Source:  NTSB Press Release

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