NBAA Releases an Update for Its Crew Rest Guidelines

The National Business Aviation Association – NBAA, has released an update to its guidelines for crew rest in business aviation first published 17 years ago. The new suggested limits are the result of recent scientific researches about human reaction to fatigue.

“We developed these guidelines after significant scientific review, extensive analysis of industry practices and industry feedback,” said Leigh White, president of Alertness Solutions and lead of NBAA’s Fatigue Task Force. “Our goal was to present the latest data and guidance to company and flight department management to help educate them about how to best use their crews.”

The investigation result is a 16-page report that reflects the effects of working at different hours of day it covers important topics like fatigue management and provides tables to compute flight time, duty time and rest periods.

This publication, developed the NBAA Safety Committee’s Fatigue Task Force and a host of industry experts, is intended to be a practical tool for flight departments that is easy to understand, implement and incorporate in any operator’s flight operations manual.

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