Most Irritating Actions from Infrequent Flyers

When it comes to flying, a composed and poised behavior and inclination is adopted by people who travel by air frequently. However, people who do not fly frequently are not aware of the norms of flying and end up exhibiting particular behaviors that prove to be irritating for the rest of the passengers on the airplane.

Tapping the seatback
For some reason or the other, whether to change channels or to play games, travelers who do not fly frequently often keep tapping the seatback entertainment screen repeatedly. Since they do not fly as frequently, they do not realize that the person in front of them can get really irritated by feeling a constant knocking directly on the back of their head. Most of these infrequent flyers do not even stop tapping, or even if they do, they begin all over again. It actually makes the person in front want to turn around and actually tell them to stop.

Propping their feet up
Foot fetishists aside, many people are feel repulsed by the sight of someone else’s feet and an airplane passenger feels the same when their seatmate props up his/her feet near them. A pair of flip flops should be carried along and socks and shoes should be worn on the airplane. There is no harm if shoes are removed on long and overnight flights, but they should be put back on when visiting the lavatory. When seated, feet should never be propped up on the armrest, tray table, wall or anywhere else.

Pushing the recliners
Travelers who do not fly frequently tend to be very prone to causing damage to the laptop of the person behind them, or knocking the drink of the person behind them into their lap. Unfortunately, many of these travelers do not seem to know how to make the seat go back, so instead of pushing the little button, they push their seat back with full pressure. Travelers are not even supposed to recline their seat unless its night.

Hogging the aisle
While they are boarding an airplane, travelers who have not flown very often tend to yank their wheelie-bag down the aisle while they keep running into knees and seats since their bag does not fit. The bag can always be picked up and carried down the aisle. Not only does this irritate the people who are already seated, but also the people behind them. At times, even after the bag has been stuffed into the bin, they suddenly remember they need to go back and get their iPod or magazines and end up blocking the aisle once again. What they should be doing is getting out of that way as quickly as possible and return to fetch whatever they need once the plane has taken off.

Breaking the boarding line
Travelers who do not fly frequently often tend to pretend as if they are novices, as if they are do not speak English or that they are deaf. Often, they even wander from their zone in another one where they do not even belong. At times, even gate agents do not pay attention to them and this tends to be even more irritating.

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