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MorganFreeman-620x250Morgan Freeman: The Great Pretender

The man who may be best known for the sound of his voice speaks out on his experience as a general aviation pilot. In this exclusive spotlight on Morgan Freeman, we get up close and personal with his no-frills Mississippi way of life. From exploring his distinctive blues music club, to understanding his passion and utility for aviation, we bring you Morgan Freeman like you have never seen him before.morgan-620x250

If anyone in this world has earned the right to be a pretentious ass it’s Morgan Freeman. After crossing paths with the Academy Award winning actor off and on for the better part of seven years, including, for me, an ill-fated poker game in 2006, I can comfortably vouch for the man who needs no one to vouch for him – he’s no ass. Morgan Freeman, to steal a phrase, is easy like Sunday morning. 

Nobody’s shedding a tear for Hollywood A-list actors. After all, they pretty much have and get whatever they want out of life, but there is no question that fame and fortune comes with a price. Some handle it better than others, and Freeman seems to be one of the actors on top of the pile who’ve figured out how to be available to the insanity known as Hollywood, and yet lead a simple life. Simple, not boring. . .

Story and photos by Jeff Mattoon

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