Malaysian Airlines MH370, a Reflexion

The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines, Boeing 777-200ER, flight MH370 has become one of the most baffling mysteries of modern aviation.

The whole world is pending of news from the international search and rescue effort. Being a pilot, this subject of conversation has apeared with every friend or relative I had meet in the past days.

Meanwhile I write this post, I am on board an American Airlines B777-200 flying from Dallas back to Bangkok, in Thailand. I must admit that several times I thought about what could have happened to the Malaysian aircraft.

One of the most modern aircraft, with the highest safety record in the aviation industry. An airline with high operating standards, almost accident free. Two passengers boarding the flight with stolen passports two years ago in Thailand. An onboard transponder is intentionally turned off, shortly afterwards the flight dissapears from controller’s radar screens. Five hours later, the “ping” transmitted through the ACARS by the Rolls Royce engines continues to be received by the manufacturer. An ELT transmitter that was never activated. A military radar tracks the flight several miles west of its course, leaving the Malay peninsule towards the Indian Ocean. A crew that does not follow safety protocols referred to accept passengers in the cockpit during flight.

If is not because there are families suffering and keeping hope that their beloved ones are still alive, we could say that this is a great argument for an excellent thriller movie.

During the past week, since the dissapearance of Malaysian MH370, we have listened and read all kind of speculations; from the usual one: pilot error to aliens. I will discard the last one for the simple reason that we have never seen an entire aircraft dissapear due to extraterrestrial intervention.
With the gathering of information from different sources, the hypoteses that is gaining strenght in the last hours is the hijacking.

There are several clues that suggest that someone with enough knowledge of the -777 flew it deliberately off course, turned off the transponder and radio communications and crashed it or landed it…somewhere. Unfortunatelly, if the flight was forced to divert and landed somewhere, with modern satellite technology we will know already where is parked, a -777 is not an easy airplane to hide.

Questions remain; Who? Why? What happened inside of MH370?

We can only guess and hope that one of the biggest joint rescue team ever formed finally find it.

Capt. Ivan

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