Lionair, this time…the cows

A Lionair Boeing 738, with 110 passengers and 7 crew on board, hit several cows on landing at the Indonesian Gorontalo airport. 

The incident occurred last Tuesday 6th at 21:11 LT (13:11Z)  when a Lionair Boeing 737-800 hit a number of cows after landing in dark conditions, the aircraft came to a stop past the runway end with a cow killed under the main gear.  No injuries were reported among the passengers and crew, the aircraft sustained minor damage.

The aircraft landed in good weather and visibility conditions, after touch down the crew noticed three cows on the runway, tried to steer the aircraft around them however hit the cows nonetheless, which resulted in the failure of brakes. The aircraft came to a stop about 10 meters past the paved surface of the runway end safety area.

The Ministry of Transport has given no explanation as to why the cows were on the runway.

Photo Credits:  The Guardian

Capt. Ivan

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