Lion Air Boeing 737 overruns the runway in Bali – Indonesia.

Indonesian Police/EPA

Indonesian Police/EPA

A Boeing 737 from Lion Air carrying more than 100 passengers overrun the runway today and ended into the sea in the Indonesian resort of Bali.

All passengers were safely rescued and 22 people were taken to different hospitals with several injuries.

the airplane came down in the water just short of the runway while on final approach. Initial media reports indicated that the plane overran the runway on landing.
Flight JT-904 departed Bandung Airport (BDO) at 12:48 on a domestic flight to Denpasar. It came down in the sea at the beginning of runway 09.

Weather reported about the time of the accident (07:35 UTC / 15:35 LT) was:

WADD 130800Z 10009KT 9999 FEW017CB SCT017 30/26 Q1007 NOSIG
WADD 130730Z 15006KT 110V270 9999 FEW017CB SCT017 30/25 Q1007 NOSIG
[07:30 UTC / 15:30 LT: Wind 150°, varying between 110 and 270° at 6 knots; unlimited visibility; few Cumulonimbus clouds at 1700 feet AGL; scattered clouds at 1700 feet AGL; Temperature: 30°C; Dewpoint: 25°C; Pressure: 1007 mb]
WADD 130700Z 09006KT 9999 BKN017 30/26 Q1007 NOSIG



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