Korean Pilots Unions criticize the handling of the investigation by the NTSB

The Asiana B777 accident last July 6 at San Francisco airport continues making noise in the worldwide aviation community. 

This time the Korean’s Pilots Unions, representing the flight crew of Asiana 214, issued an statement criticizing the handling of the accident investigation by the NTSB.

The Asiana Pilots Association and the Airline Pilots Association of Korea expressed their concern that the final result of the investigation will not reflect accurately the several factors involved in the accident, since the NTSB has slipped publicly its position on pilot error as the main cause of the accident.

“We have conveyed our concerns about the possibility of inaccurately identifying the cause of the accident, due to NTSB’s press conferences which only give prominence to the possibility of a pilot error and unprecedented speed in disclosure of related materials to the public,” the unions said in a statement.

In several media briefings, the NTSB released information to the public obtained from FDR’s – Flight Data Recorders, meanwhile while the serious fact that one of the victims of the accident survived the same and was hit by one of the fire trucks, is kept concealed.

The autopsy determined that Ye Meng Yuan died crushed by at least one of the rescue vehicles meanwhile she was lying on the runway covered by firefighting foam.

The crash resulted in the deaths of three teenagers, Liu Yipeng died at hospital six days after the accident, meanwhile Wang Linjia died on impact with the seawall of runway 28L at San Francisco Airport.  The three girls were on a group of 34 students travelling to USA.

Asiana 214 Victims

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