Jet Airways Pilots Launch Their Own Website for Incident Analysis

Criticizing sections of the media for misreporting on a recent incident involving loss of altitude by a plane, the pilot’s union of Jet Airways today said it is forming a “technical site” to provide the right perspective on civil aviation issues.

The National Aviation Guild (NAG), the Jet pilots’ union, said a 2,900ft drop in altitude by a Jet Airways Boeing 777 last month was erroneously reported as a 5,000ft plunge by the media.

It said while the reasons for the sudden loss of altitude by the flight are still being investigated, the loss of altitude at 800ft per minute “is less than prescribed for a controlled radar environment.”
Stories about the 5,000 ft drop got circulated due to the media’s reliance on a “publicity hungry” official from the civil aviation regulator DGCA, it alleged.

The Captain was having his “controlled rest” and was not breaking any norm, while the first officer was also not playing on her tablet as being reported, adding that the tablets are used as a working tool by all pilots.
“We would request you not to conduct a trial by media. We would request you to follow the principles of natural justice and give a fair chance to the all the pilots,” it appealed to the media.

In order to get the right perspective across on such events, the union said it is sensitive to the difficulties on analysis faced by the media, which generally goes to retired military aviators for the perspective.
Stating that issues in civil aviation are different in nature, it decided to set up a technical site to comment on
happenings in the civil aviation sector.

“We have formed a technical site which consists of type rated examiners of most types of aircraft flown in India and would be able to provide a more authentic version of the events that happen in the civil aviation sector in India,” it said in the statement.

A Jet Airways plane from Mumbai to Brussels, with around 280 passengers on board, had lost altitude over the Turkish airspace in early August.

Terming it a “serious incident”, aviation regulator DGCA had suspended the two pilots and initiated a probe into the incident.

Source & Pic:  Economic India Times

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