Is FAA extorting Air Venture?

The Federal Aviation Adeministration – FAA is requesting U$S 500. 000 from the Experimental Aircraft Association – EAA for air traffic control expenses during the AirVenture convention next July, or will not support  the event. EAA officials said Tuesday.

Up to the moment more than 16.000 people have signed an online petition launched by EAA calling the Congress to oppose to the FAA fee.

“We’re not a lobbyist organization. We promote general aviation in our nation,” EAA Chairman Jack Pelton said. “We rarely do call our membership like this, but when we did, they responded in a way we couldn’t believe. It was very gratifying”

“We’re being held hostage. They told us point blank ‘If you want to have our support for the event, which you need, you have to sign the contract and write a check.’”

Source:  fdl Reporter

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