How about a lifestyle change?

Many voices have risen during the last days when the FAA announced the increased scrutiny among overweight pilots during their periodically medical exam.

If you have a body mass index over 40, you may be subject to a sleeping apnea test before continuing flying commercially.

No doubts this is going to be a great challenge for commercial aviation pilots in the US, reality shows that bad eating habits along with a sedentary lifestyle can be a major risk for coronary heart disease, which on an airline pilot is a serious safety issue.

On a recent case, United Airlines Flight 1603, Captain Henry Skillern, 63, suffered a heart attack meanwhile he was at the controls of his Boeing 737, unfortunately Captain Skillern later died at the hospital.

Physical fitness is an important part of mental acuity and overall safety during operations. We have seen Captains and First Officers that wouldn’t stand a chance getting out the cockpit windows in the event of an emergency.

Some of you may not agree to the changes, but instead, why not put that hamburger away and start a healthy lifestyle?

Capt. Ivan

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