Finally, the 777X will be built in Washington

A key Boeing labor union narrowly approved late Friday an eight-year contract that keeps production of the new 777X jet airliner in Washington state in exchange for cuts in benefits.

As a result, Boeing will stop seeking alternate sites for production of a more fuel-efficient version of its best-selling widebody jet.

The Machinists Union District Lodge 751 said in a statement that members approved the controversial contract by 51 percent.

The union vote means that Boeing will carry out final assembly and wing fabrication on the 777X at their sites in Puget Sound, in northwestern Washington state.

“It was a tough vote, a hard situation, splitting the membership,” Mark Johnson, a national level official with the International Association of Machinists (IAM), told reporters.

The 777X is a new version of Boeing’s successful 777 twin-engine widebody jet, which is built today in Everett. It is scheduled to come into service around 2020, and the company has already received billions of dollars in advanced orders.

Boeing, founded in Seattle in 1916, has more than 82,000 employees in Washington state, making it the region’s largest private employer. A move elsewhere would likely have devastated the area economy.

Source:  France – Presse

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