Fake Airline Pilot Removed From Cockpit

Frenchman Philippe Jernnard is being held on $1 million bond after being found in the cockpit jump seat of a US Airways flight at Philadelphia International airport, Wednesday, posing as an Air France pilot. Jernnard was found by the flight’s crew at some point during the boarding process. When questioned, he identified himself as a 747 pilot for Air France, according to CBS news. Jernnard held a valid ticket for the flight to West Palm Beach and was wearing a white shirt with an Air France logo, and a jacket with epaulets. Jernnaud reportedly became irritable when asked for identification and the crew called police to the gate. handcuff

Jernnard was removed from the flight and has been charged with criminal trespass, tampering with records, forgery, impersonating a person privately employed and presenting false ID to law enforcement, CBS reported. Additional federal charges may be added. Air France has released a satement that Jernnard was in possession of “a very poor fake badge, which in no way resembled the Air France Crew Member Certificate.” The company denied that Jernnard is associated with the airline and said “this person was not wearing an Air France uniform” nor was he carrying official badging or crew baggage. It is not yet clear how Jernnard gained access to the cockpit or specifically for what purpose. The FBI has joined the investigation. Jernnard is being held pending a preliminary hearing scheduled for April 5.

By Glenn Pew

Source:  AVweb.com

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