FAA – Safety Alert for Operators (SAFO) – Manual Flight Operations

The FAA – Federal Aviation Administration, is promoting manual flight operations

The result of a recent analysis of flight operations has identified a dramatic increase in errors, incidents and accidents caused by lack of manual flight by flight crews, for this reason the government agency has issued a recommendation to all flight operators encouraging manual flight operations when appropriate.

Modern aircraft are commonly operated using autoflight systems (e.g., autopilot or autothrottle/autothrust). Unfortunately, continuous use of those systems does not reinforce a pilot’s knowledge and skills in manual flight operations. Autoflight systems are useful tools for pilots and have improved safety and workload management, and thus enabled more precise operations. However, continuous use of autoflight systems could lead to degradation of the pilot’s ability to quickly recover the aircraft from an undesired state.

Directors of Operations, Program Managers, Directors of Training, Training Center Managers, Check Pilots, Training Pilots, and flightcrews should be familiar with the content of this SAFO. They should work together to ensure that the content of this SAFO is incorporated into operational policy, provided to pilots during ground training, and reinforced in flight training and proficiency checks.photo(1)



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Source:  http://www.faa.gov/other_visit/aviation_industry/airline_operators/airline_safety/safo/all_safos/media/2013/SAFO13002.pdf

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