China Enforces Airline Pilots to be CAT II Qualified

Starting from Jan 1, 2014, flight crews operating into Beijing’s International Airport, one the nation’s 10 busiest must be ILS Cat II Approach qualified to land when visibility falls below 400 meters.

The new requirement will be applied only to China based airlines and is part of the effort of the Civil Aviation Authority of China to improve on-time performance in an area where one for four flights is delayed due to low visibility and airspace congestion.  Low visibility caused by smoke has delayed more than 200 flights in a 24 hour period at Shanghai airport.

In January, Beijing suffered its worst bout of air pollution with PM2.5 readings hitting at least 886. Shanghai’s air pollution index surged to a record 482 on Dec. 6 into the “severe” level, the highest of a six-tier rating system. The haze also caused traffic congestion the nation’s commercial hub as the government took emergency steps such as ordering cars off the road and factories to cut production.

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