Another Turboprop Stalls on Short Final

Beechcraft_King_Air_100_CrashApril 01, 2013

Kenn Borek Air Flight KBA 103 — a Beechcraft King Air 100 with 10 souls on board — crashed on Oct. 25, 2010, during an RNAV (GNSS) approach to Runway 08 at Kirby Lake Airport (CRL4), Alberta, Canada. The airplane struck the ground some 174 ft. short of the threshold, then bounced and came to rest off the edge of the runway. The captain was fatally injured. The first officer and three passengers suffered serious injures, and the five additional passengers suffered minor injuries.

Canada’s Transportation Safety Board (TSB) investigated this accident. While the TBS does not issue a “probable cause,” it does issue “findings” as to causes and risks and it reports on safety actions taken. In this incident, the TSB concluded that the crew stalled the airplane after descending below MDA and that the pilots’ “conduct . . . during the instrument approach prevented them from effectively monitoring the performance of the aircraft.” The investigators also determined that the stall warning horn did not activate, thus depriving the crew of at least one opportunity to avoid the stall.

By Richard N. Aarons

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