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Thank you for visiting my website and welcome aboard.  My name is Ivan Paredes, I am airline Captain of an asian airline.  I began my aviation career in a small flying club of a windy city in the south of Argentina called Rio Gallegos, I got my private license in 1980 and my  CPL in 1984. I progressed through different kinds of piston multiengine aircrafts, once I had my ATPL, I flew for different airlines in my country until I received an offer to go fly to Africa.  Leaving my home country to go to fly abroad was a whole challenge, but once you try the taste of adventure is difficult to keep quiet.

Africa is a great adventure by itself, is an everyday something new to discover, I felt many times a strong sensation that I was on my own, that I had to appeal to all my knowledge, experience and skills to complete a sucessful operation, in Africa I had to become a mix between an airline and a bush pilot.

Late in 2010 it came the offer to come to fly to Thailand, bags packed again, it was time for a new adventure. Coming to Asia was an introduction to a complete different world, predictable and well organized, not to mention that my life quality increased dramatically.  The challenge this time was, the weather.

Since I can remember I have been in love with aviation and during my career I always tried to share the knowledge and experience acquired from my flight instructors, more experienced colleagues and my first officers.. (yes, we Captains should also listen young people and learn from them..).

The purpose of creating this website is to share information and personal experiences that I understand can be useful for my colleagues making a career in aviation and aviation enthusiasts.  I hope you enjoy it!


Ivan Paredes


Boeing 737 / Saab 340

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