…..a nightmare.

Tonight I feel anger.

I am in my hotel room in the south of Thailand. I started writing a technical article about the locking mechanism of the cockpit doors and problems we have seen in the past with this security device.

During my commuting flight to Krabi I wrote about statistics and events that involved this door, standard procedures when a pilot leaves the cockpit, etc.

But now……who cares?

I just read on the news that there is a high degree of suspicion that the GermanWings Flight 4U9525 First Officer deliberately locked out of the cockpit to his fellow Captain to later commit suicide crashing the airplane into the French Alps.

There have been other guys in the past that did the same thing.

I just wonder myself. What goes through the head of a human being to execute such a terrible plan? I say “terrible” because honestly I can not find words to define such action.

Poor passengers and crew, useless fighting those final terrible moments to gain access through a door that is specifically designed keep out of the cockpit to anyone. None wants to talk about this, maybe because in our mind we try to deny this nightmare. But is real, is there, it happened.

Our common sense says if you are decided to terminate with your life, go ahead, but do it alone. Not everyone thinks the same.

I hope the industry can find an effective, prompt solution to avoid this to happen again.

I remember tonight a young pilot, many years ago seeing its passengers board his first flight as a Captain. Like on almost every flight there were women, men and children. And some moms holding their babies on their arms. I thought, all these people is under entire responsibility, I must do everything right and try to improve everyday as much as I can.
Since then I have felt through the years the personal satisfaction of every completed flight.

How can be possible? I wish it were just a bad dream…

I must fly tomorrow. Good nite.

Capt. Ivan.

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