50 years of Falcons

Five decades ago, Dassault conceived and launched the Mystère-Falcon 20.
Twenty different models have followed in the years since, each with the same sleek lines, smooth handling and peerless reliability and efficiency inherent in that first Falcon.

More than 2,250 Falcons have been delivered to 82 countries around the world and the fleet has surpassed 16.2 million hours of flight time, testimony to the reputation for quality and performance that the Falcon family has acquired within the aviation community.
For more than anything, business aviation operators are attracted to Falcon by the passion for excellence that the Falcon brand represents. A passion shared by the engineers, factory technicians, skilled craftsmen and other specialists who design, build and service Falcon aircraft. A passion handed down by company founder Marcel Dassault and carried on to this day…

Dassault Mystere 20

World Speed RecordRestoration of s/n 001Falcon 2000SFalcon 2000SFalcon 2000SFalcon 2000SFalcon 2000LXS

The Dassault Falcon Story

Source: Dassault Falcon Media Center

Photos: Dassault Falcon

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