Sweeping the Dirt Under the Carpet…

Why the European Union is blocking access to safety records? On an unexpected, not so transparent move, the European Union will begin blocking public access to the aircraft incident reports – MOR’s – Mandatory Occurrence Reports that were previously released under the Freedom of Information Act. To understand it better, … Continue reading

INDIA – How to Get a Pilot License After 35 Min in the Air.

Anupam Verma has a certificate that shows he has flown an aircraft for 360 hours. He says he got it after sitting in the co-pilot’s seat for just 35 minutes. He’s one of dozens of pilots in the country who obtained certificates showing inflated flying hours and ground training, according … Continue reading

Running Under Pressure: Lufthansa Announces “Random Medical Checks”

The unexpected can happen? Sure it can. Now Lufthansa is considering random medical checks for pilots, to help prevent any future disaster like the Germanwings crash that killed 150 people. In a recent interview with a german newspaper, Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Spohr announced medical checks for pilots could be … Continue reading

AUTOMATION: Do We Really Need Someone in the Cockpit?

The recent Germanwings disaster has once again reminded us that human pilots are not always failsafe. One only has to look back as far as 2012 to find examples of unruly pilots being subdued by passengers, and of course 9/11 highlighted the extremes of hijacking. With such incidents, the question … Continue reading

Video Cameras in the Cockpit. Another Lost Battle?

The debate over video cameras in airplane cockpits has just begun and is heating up, after a list of high profile aviation disasters raised authorities concerns over available information to accident investigators. According to the Wall Street Journal, ICAO is planning a big push this year to install video cameras … Continue reading

FAA – Boeing 787 Software Bug Can Cause a Complete Electrical Shutdown.

The FAA – Federal Aviation Administration issued an AD – Airworthiness Directive to warn over a software bug that causes a complete electric shutdown of Boeing’s 787 and potentially “loss of control” of the aircraft. In the latest of a long line of problems plaguing the Dreamliner, which saw the … Continue reading

Meet the New ANA’s R2-D2 Dreamliner

An airplane painted to look like R2-D2 could be part of the promotion for the soon to be released Star Wars 7 – The Force Awakens. Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has unveiled plans for a Boeing 787 Dreamliner decorated to look like R2-D2, the small round robot of the … Continue reading

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